About Me

We decided that it was about time there was more information available for people to help them to get more in control of their money. We know that there are a lot of people that struggle with this and perhaps always have and we decided that it would be a good area to address. Therefore, we put together this website so that we could help people by passing on our knowledge and helping others as much as possible. We have therefore commissioned articles on a selection of topics which will feel will appeal to a lot of people. We have tried to include subjects that we feel everyone will relate to or find useful. We know that everyone has different money concerns though, but hope that we have been able to address some of them here. Some of the information is also quite general and could be applied to lots of different financial problems. Our aim is that we can help people to make some changes so that they are on their way to improving their situation. We realise that we cannot address every problem here but hope that if we at least cover some, it will mean that we will be able to start helping as many people as possible.